Resume Dr. Amin Shirvani. Updated May 2018

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Canadian Board Certified Dentist.
  • Restorative procedures including restoration of severely damaged teeth and fixed prostho
  • Root canal therapy including molar endodontic treatments
  • Pediatric dentistry (Preventive orthodontics, pulpotomy, SS crowns)
  • Simple and complicated exodontia
  • Interceptive orthodontics including space management and growth modification
  • Comprehensive orthodontic; full fixed appliances and Invisalign
  • Laser gingivoplasty to achieve optimal esthetic of smile.
  • Botox cosmetic facial injections.
  • Extensive academic experience, Please review my linkedin profile:


  • Isfahan University of Medical Sciences - IRAN
    Orthodontics, MSc.- Sep 2005- April 2009 .
  • Isfahan University of Medical Sciences - IRAN
    General Dentistry, DDS. -Sep 1997- Aug 2003.

Professional experience:

  • Associate Dentist | Smile Shapers
    Vancouver - Canada: Sep 2017- Present
    Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry
  • Associate Dentist | Richmond Dental Centre
    Vancouver - Canada: May 2018- Present
    General dentistry
  • Associate Dentist | Clear Advantage Orthodontics
    Vancouver - Canada: Nov 2015- Present
    Orthodontics and Family Dentistry
  • Associate Dentist | My Family Orthodontics
    Calgary - Canada: Jan 2017- Present
  • Dentist- Orthodontist | Afzal Multispecialty Dental Clinic
    Isfahan-IRAN: Oct 2009 – July 2015
    A university affiliated dental clinic
  • Board of Directors | Afzal Multispecialty Dental Clinic
    Isfahan-IRAN: Nov 2013 – July 2015
    A university affiliated dental clinic
  • Assistant Professor of Orthodontics | Isfahan Dental School
    Isfahan-IRAN:Nov 2009 – Jan 2016
    Clinical Instructor of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students of Orthodontics
  • Post Graduate Student of Orthodontics |Isfshan Dental School
    Isfahan-IRAN: Sep 2005 – April 2009
  • General Dentist | Torabinejad Dental Clinic
    Isfahan-IRAN: Oct 2005 – Oct 2009
    Part time General Dentist in a university affiliated dental clinic during Orthodontic Specialty Program
  • General Dentist | Mahdi Dental Clinic
    Isfahan-IRAN: Jan 2004 – Sep 2005
    Part time General Dentist in a private dental clinic.
  • General Dentist | Isfahan Medico legal Organization
    Isfahan-IRAN: Nov 2003 – June 2005 (Compulsory Military Service)
    Clinical examinations, diagnosis of dentofacial injuries, prognosis determination and follow-up examinations. Consultant for Dental Malpractices.


  • College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia (April 2015- present)
  • British Columbia Dental Association (May 2015- present)
  • Alberta Dental Association and College( Jan 2017- Dec 2018)
  • American Association of Orthodontists (June 2015- 2017)
  • World Federation of Orthodontists (2010-present)
  • Iranian Association of Orthodontists (2010-2015)
  • Medical Council of I.R. of Iran (2003-present)


  • Shirvani A, Sadeghian S, Abbasi S. Prediction of lip response to orthodontic treatment using a multivariable regression model. Dental Research Journal. 2016;13(1):38-45.
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  • Shirvani A. How to Use Medical Resources. Research in Medical Sciences Journal 2000;5(1):1-5.


  • Shirvani A. Accelerated Orthodontics. 2nd Symposium of Iranian Association of Orthodontics (IAO) on Modern Techniques. Dec 2017. Online Live Presentation.
  • Shirvani A. Invisalign. First Symposium of Iranian Association of Orthodontics (IAO) on Clear Aligners. Feb 2016. Online Live Presentation.
  • Shirvani A. Medical Ethics and Dental Malpractices. Congress of Dental Ceramics and Full Ceramic Restorations. Sep 2013. Isfahan- Iran.
  • Shirvani A. Dental malpractice: A legal perspective. The 16th International Congress of Iranian Association of Endodontists. Aug 2014. Isfahan- Iran.
  • Davoodian M, Shirvani A, Behnaz M.Working With Dolphin Cephalometric Software. 8th congress of Iranian Association of Orthodontists.‎ 2010; Tehran-Iran. Speech.
  • Shirvani A, Ghorbanipour R. Development of a Questionnaire to Assess the Psychosocial Impact of Dental Aesthetics .7th Congress of Iranian Association of Orthodontists.‎ 2009; Hamedan-Iran. Poster.
  • Shirvani A. Effect of Plastic Deformation of Retraction Springs on Anchorage System.7th Congress of Iranian Association of Orthodontists.‎ 2009; Hamedan-Iran.

Awards and Honors:

  • Passing all NDEB Exams in first attempt (Feb 2014 –Nov 2014)
  • Certificate of Merit as Outstanding Student of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Vice Chancellor of Education (June 2007).
  • Ranked 7/2000 in Nation Wide Entrance Exam for Dental Post Graduate Programs (2005).
  • Certificates of Appreciation for Student Research Activities, Vice Chancellor of Research, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (2002).
  • Award Winner of National Congress of Iranian Dental Students, Isfahan-
    Iran (2001).
  • Ranked 67/200000 in Nation Wide Entrance Examination for Iranian Universities (1997).